Oh, hey

Has it really been five years since the last time I wrote a new post for this blog?

Yes, it has. Also, reading my last post again, I kind of want to completely rewrite it, because it uses way too many words to convey what is really a very small amount of useful information. Not to mention that the HTML formatting is kind of a mess because it's all contained in a single <p> tag. Then again, the addendum at the beginning is the only part you really need to read. Seriously, just use ECWolf.

Anyway, I've changed the look of the blog considerably, in order to hopefully make it more comfortable for the eyes to read. In case you were wondering, both the current color scheme and the prior darker one have been based on my favorite Vim theme, gruvbox.

That's all I have to report for today. I should have some actual content to post here in the near future, "near" meaning the next post will arrive in a matter of days or weeks, not years this time.

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